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Regis Marleston

Regis Marleston
18 Cudmore Terrace
Marleston, SA 5033
(08) 8293 1786

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Regis Marleston, Assisted Living & Aged Care


Regis Marleston aged care facility is a sweeping, lovingly maintained, Federation style building, filled with quiet places, communal spaces and verandas. Marleston boasts enclosed leafy gardens for residents and families to utilise and hosts a range of high quality, active and diverse social events, daily activities and special interest groups.

Like all Regis aged care facilities, Marleston delivers innovative care services including ageing-in-place, respite care, palliative care and dementia care. We take pride in making aged care something to look forward to with dignity. Everything we do is aimed at living well. As an example, our unique Mosaic system is a discreet way of monitoring care needs whilst focusing on personal interests.

Regis creates a personalised aged care lifestyle program for each resident and encourages the whole family to be involved.

At Regis we know good food is central to life and good nutrition underpins good health. We have on site cooks in every aged care facility and home-style meals and baked treats are prepared daily.

It takes a special person to work in aged care and we hire the best people we can. Our people are our greatest asset and we ensure they get the support they need.

Situated just off Richmond Road, down a quiet street and hidden behind well-established trees, Regis Marleston is only six minutes from Ashford Hospital and a short trip to the Richmond Road shops.

Regis Marleston aged care facility offers 115 places including both single and double air conditioned rooms with en suites.


Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit (RAD), a daily payment (DAP), or a combination of both. A refundable deposit is paid as a lump sum amount. A daily payment accrues daily and is paid periodically, for example monthly. Please call to discuss how this works.

Note, the room cost is up to a maximum of the advertised price by room type and is payable via a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP).


Limited number of supported beds available (based on eligibility).


When you arrive at a Regis aged care facility, your needs are assessed and a personalised care plan will be created to meet your individual requirements.

All Regis aged care facilities provide a range of care and services including access to therapy, assistance with medications and personal care, meals, bathroom needs, laundry service and recreational activities.


Regis offers:

Ageing-in-place allows you to remain in the same facility and, in most cases, the same room _ as your care needs increase. Your individualised care plan is regularly updated to reflect your unique requirements.

Dementia Care provides targeted services, specialised staff and facilities to support residents with early to advanced stages of dementia.

Palliative Care offers sensitive support to residents nearing the end of their life. Our specialist staff provide comfort and quality of life for residents, family and friends.

Respite care provides short-term care and support for people whose carers are unable to meet usual care arrangements or who need an extra level of temporary support.

Our Wellness Program offers a range of allied health services provided by qualified health professionals. The free program is part of your daily plan and helps prevent, treat and promote your overall health and independence.


At Regis, we constantly look for new ways to enhance our quality of care with innovative therapies and activities in our aged care facilities. These include:

PARO Therapy _ Robotic seal designed to improve emotional a robotic seal (carebot) and is immensely popular with our dementia residents. Designed to improve the well-being of people with dementia, it_s available to all residents, and is very effective with those who are resistive to standard intervention practices.

Art Therapy _ a roving art program cultivating creative expression. Our Victorian Roving Art Therapy program cultivates creative expression for residents and helps instil a sense of achievement and pride.

Esprit Caf‚ _ a program helping people deal with major life moments. Esprit Caf‚ is a free Regis initiative to help people start talking about major life moments.

Music Memories _ individual programs to enhance mood and behaviour. Music Memories is a therapy program which offers a meaningful activity for those who can find it difficult to engage and remain calm.

Facility Design _ how interior design helps dementia residents. Regis has worked with Alzheimer_s Australia to identify how to best optimise living and communal spaces in each of our dedicated dementia units and living areas.

Dementia catering _ Innovations in catering making mealtimes more engaging. A unique mealtime routine which engages all the senses and stimulates the appetite and helps dementia residents stay healthy.

Food Moulds _ pur‚ed food, beautifully presented as the original meal. For people on a pur‚ed diet, food can be a challenge. Our unique food moulds turn healthy and nutritious pur‚es into food that looks like the original ingredient and good enough to devour.

Montessori Kits _ alternative ways to engage people with dementia. Regis has introduced Montessori kits to help dementias residents with daily living skills and, in some cases, to restore functions and living independence.

Interactive Technology _ new ways to relax and engage. Using projectors and software to help residents become more engaged and stimulated.



Food is central to life at Regis.

All our facilities have a cook on-site. They prepare well-balanced, fresh and tasty home-style food for each meal and a variety of baked treats every day.

Variety is important and our menus are changed every four weeks. All meals are approved by qualified dieticians to maximise nutritional balance.

Dining at Regis is a social event. Our rooms are set up for social interaction and a place for families and friends to join loved ones for a meal.

In line with best dietary practices and resident preferences, the main meal of the day is lunch, with dinner being a slightly lighter option. You are also welcome to choose a salad or sandwich if that is your preference on any given day.

Special dietary requirements and needs such as smooth puree, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian are also well taken care of with carefully designed specific menus.


Mosaic is an award winning, innovative visual identification system enhancing our ability to provide the right care for residents.

Unique to Regis, Mosaic allows our staff to understand, at a glance, the care requirements of individuals, while respecting the privacy of that individual. Each Mosaic is personalised to an individual and complements resident care plans.

Since launching, the Mosaic system has helped enhance the more social aspects of care, helping initiate conversations and encouraging conversations between residents.


At Regis, we believe it is vitally important to stay engaged with life, to stay involved with current interests and develop new ones. All Regis facilities are constantly looking for new ways to engage and support our residents. Our National Lifestyle Team takes ideas from around the country and makes them available to all residents.

There are daily activities, weekly programs and at least one major celebration each month.

Family and friends are invited and encouraged to participate as much as possible in lifestyle activities. These include art classes, barbeques, exercise and discussion groups, excursions, entertainment, guest speakers and special interest groups and more.

We create a personal lifestyle program for you called PIEC&S. It focuses on: _Personalisation, Independence, Engagement, Consultation, Self-esteem.


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